Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sidewalks poll as key priority for Los Angeles County voters

public_opinion_survey2013In an effort to inform decisions around the allocation of resources for the built environment infrastructure changes, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health conducted a countywide field survey in 2013 to assess public support for transportation efforts in the region. Per the report, “Overall, the public strongly supports redirecting government government funds toward improving walking, bicycling and transit infrastructure.”  And based on findings – strong support from voters for installing new and repairing existing sidewalks.  Read the complete report here.

Another key take away from this report is the state of planning for walking, bicycling and safe routes to school in the Los Angeles County region.  In 2008 out of Los Angeles County’s 88 cities, 10 had a bicycle or pedestrian plan, as of 2014 – 35 do.

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