Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Equity Policy Fellowship Opportunity

Wiley-Fellowship-for-WebThe Maya Wiley Fellowship program celebrates and supports grassroots leaders seeking to achieve racial equity through structurally transformative policy strategies and campaigns.  This is a great opportunity to support Los Angeles County leaders and expanding our leadership breadth and depth on transportation equity. It is a one-year fellowship program that provides a $25,000 stipend.  Nominate a Los Angeles County leader for this great opportunity by March 30, more details here.  Working on transportation equity in Los Angeles County and want Investing in Place to consider nominating you? We’re happy to consider – send us a email at jessica@investinginplace.org.

Innovative Projects Wanted: Grantwriting Assistance Available for Walking, Biking & Safe Routes to School Projects

by Jessica Meaney

March 5th Open Partner Meeting: Recap

by Jessica Meaney