Monday, May 11, 2015

Metro’s Potential Sales Tax Timeline Slips and Gains Media Attention

With new CEO Phil Washington starting work this week, Metro staff have revised their timeline for input into the potential sales tax expenditure plan, previously covered on our blog, to postpone indefinitely the deadline by which COGs must submit their project priorities. We anticipate at least a two-month delay with the draft sales tax expenditure plan to be heard by the Metro Board in September, instead of July as previously expected. Stay tuned for opportunities to engage with agency staff to ensure the expenditure plan is equitable and adequately funds walking, bicycling and safe routes to school.

In related news, last week, Metro released polling data showing considerable support among voters for an additional transportation sales tax, covered by the Los Angeles Times and the Source. Meanwhile, Streetsblog LA reports that Metro is considering an additional sales tax, an extension of Measure R or a new “augment and amend” option that would raise even more revenue for transportation projects. Stay tuned for further analysis of Metro’s polling data and other updates as the potential ballot measure gains momentum.

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