Monday, May 18, 2015

Working with Councils of Government (COGs) to Fund Active Transportation

Following the lead of local advocates in the San Gabriel Valley, Investing in Place, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and California Walks sent this letter to support at least $100 million from the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments’ priority project list to fund active transportation. Our partners BikeSGV and Amigos de los Rios are leading a campaign to develop multiuse paths along the banks of the San Gabriel Valley’s many underutilized waterways–providing open space, recreation and efficient transportation opportunities for the heavily urbanized subregion. Along with improvements for first/last-mile, safe routes to school and pedestrian safety, these ambitious plans would form a robust active transportation network for the San Gabriel Valley.

With the partners who attended our workshop earlier this month, we are working to engage each of Los Angeles County’s subregional councils of government to ensure a minimum level of investment for active transportation in all parts of the county. Thank you to the many leaders helping us carry this message forward! To get involved with your local council of government, please email Jessica Meaney.

Update: Join partners to support this effort at the Special Meeting at the SGV COG Transportation Committee
Thursday, May 21 2015 3:30 PM
Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Office
602 E. Huntington Drive, Suite B, Monrovia, California, 91016

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