Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Metro planning efforts for low income communities, seniors and individuals with disabilities

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.33.46 PMMetro is currently undergoing a planning process for improving mobility for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and low income communities.  A strategic plan has been developed to guide the implementation of the Federal Transit Authority Section 5310 funds which amounts to $6.9M annually for three Los Angeles County urbanized areas. The majority of these funds go towards access services (door to door paratransit).

On page 4 of the presentation (click here), County level data from the America Community Survey breaks down Los Angeles County population through different filters of age, income, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.  Critical to note, 29% of Los Angeles County population is at or below the Federal Poverty level.

The report outlines 5 key goals:

  • Fund Mobility Options
  • Address Mobility Gaps
  • Provide Support Services
  • Promote and Improve Information Portals
  • Enhance Accountable Performance Monitoring Systems

How can this effort inform and enrich Metro’s long range transportation plan update for the needs low income communities, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities? More information on this strategic planning effort here.

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