Thursday, July 16, 2015

Update: Metro schedule for 2016 Potential Ballot Measure

Metro Schedule

At the July 5th Metro Ballot Measure and Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Metro staff shared a updated timeline for the development of the potential 2016 Ballot Measure.  A key element of this schedule update is Metro is asking stakeholders to submit in writing their initial input for the framework of this Ballot Measure by September 1st.

Investing in Place will be sharing our input with partners over the next several weeks, leading up to our next partner meeting on September 9th.  Please reach out to Jessica Meaney if you’d like to be involved in developing our letter.  It will be guided by the input we have been gathering over the past 7 months at our partner meetings.

If you are submitting a letter by the September 1st deadline, we encourage you to send it to Investing in Place so we can post on our blog and share with partners the variety of stakeholder frameworks/goals for this potential ballot measure across the County and support partnerships on shared common outcomes for this developing expenditure plan.

We also encourage our partners to consider attending the monthly LRTP/Ballot Measure Technical Advisory Committee meetings, they are open to the public.  They happen the first Wednesday of each month from 11am – 12:30pm at Metro headquarters. There will not be a meeting of this TAC in August as most Metro committees are dark for the month.  To sign up to receive the LRTP/Ballot Measure agenda materials, email Patricia Chen at

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