Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gateways Council of Governments – Priorities for the potential 2016 Transportation Ballot Measure

Gateways Council of Governments (COG) took action yesterday at their transportation and board committees to submit initial recommendations to the Metro Board on their transportation priorities for the potential 2016 Transportation Ballot Measure. (Metro recently updated their schedule, and is asking all stakeholders to submit their initial input by September 1st. San Fernando Valley COG submitted their recommendations last month.)

Recommendations from Gateway Cities Council of Governments:

  • Recommending as a policy that the Local return Element for any new Measure be a minimum of 25% of any new Measure.
  • Making the Long Range Transportation Plan/Measure R priorities for Gateway Cities as presented and the Mobility Matrix targets the Gateway Cities project listing.
  • Approving a policy recommendation to make the  Measure R commitments a priority for any new funds over any new projects and to make Active Transportation a priority.

It’s exciting to see the second COG to submit their transportation priorities for the potential 2016 ballot measure specifically calling out support for funding active transportation in the 2016 measure.  Many have commented that one oversight of Measure R in 2008 was it did not fund active transportation (first/last mile to transit, safe routes to school, sidewalks, bike lanes).  Partners are increasingly optimistic based on leadership such as at the Gateway COG this week, the region will not make that oversight again. With this growing support for active transportation and robustly funding multi-modal travel, Investing in Place and many of our partners, believe its now time to focus on prioritizing where these funds go based on social equity and public health frameworks.

Big thanks to our partners at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition for their leadership on increaing funds for active transportation and for their comment letter to the Gateway COG recommending the allocation of 10 percent from the anticipated 2016 future sales tax revenues to active transportation.

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