Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meeting materials for September 9th Partner Meeting and Reception

We are excited for our September 9th Partner meeting from 3-5pm in Yosemite A conference room at the California Endowment, with a hosted beer/wine/tapas/music reception immediately following in the Endowment’s Courtyard.

Pre meeting work: We are asking attendees to kindly read the Framework Recommendations Letter to Metro submitted to Metro regarding the potential 2016 Transportation Sales Tax Measure – we will be taking this letter and identifying key points to transform it into a concise platform.

Meeting Materials:

This meeting is made possible by TransitCenter.  We are grateful for their financial support!

Agenda: September 9th 3-6pm

California Endowment – Conference Room Yosemite A

3:00 Welcome and Who’s in the room

3:15 Introduction to Investing in Place, Goals of the meeting

3:20 Key Note Address: Vien Truong

Vien has extensive experience in creating solutions for poverty and pollution at the state legislature, California Public Utilities Commission, and in localities around the state. Under her leadership, her team created state programs and policies around the country to direct billions of dollars in funding and resources to the communities most vulnerable to climate change. Vien helped pass SB 535 (de Leon, 2012), which directs a quarter of CA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to disadvantaged communities.

3:40 Questions and Answers for Vien Truong

4:00 Break-out groups – goal: taking our recommendations letter and streamlining it into concise platform

Breakout Groups (self select where you want to go)

  1. Develop a data-driven framework that prioritizes funding for projects that advance social equity, enhance public health, and achieve environmental goals.
  1. Create prioritization investment areas based on income levels and race/ethnicity.
  1. Better serve transit-dependent populations by maintaining low fares, ensuring funding for transit operations, increasing frequency of service on high-ridership lines, enacting policies that enable development without displacement, and supporting integrated housing and transportation initiatives.
  1. Increasing funding for Active Transportation and other travel options for low-income and carless households.
  1. Support Meaningful and Authentic Participation during this process.

4:20 Report back from discussion and open floor strategy on key content for platform

4:40 Key report from partners: 4 – 5 minutes each

  • Sacramento Update – Ryan Wiggins, Transform
  • EnviroMetro – Fernando Cazares, NRDC
  • HEALU Network Innovation Summit on October 6th – Elva Yanez, Prevention Institute

4:55 Wrap up and close working meeting and adjourn to courtyard – Jessica Meaney

5 – 6p.m. Celebrating our partnerships over tapas, sparkling water, beer and wine the Courtyard

Thank you!

Staff contact: Jessica Meaney (213) 210-8136 jessica@investinginplace.org

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