Monday, December 7, 2015

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Update February 2016: this position has now been filled.

Job Opening: Communications and Research Associate

Investing in Place, founded in January 2015 as a non-profit project of Community Partners, envisions a Los Angeles region where public policy decisions affecting transportation and land use are data-driven and informed by authentic public engagement. We do this by supporting a constituency for equitable planning and build strategic relationships with agencies and efforts that invest in the built environment in Los Angeles County.

Investing in Place is currently seeking a full time Communications and Research Associate to advocate for safe, affordable, and dignified access for people of all resources and abilities by aligning public investments and policy goals to address issues of social equity, public health and environmental sustainability.

Job Description:  Investing in Place is currently seeking a full-time Communications and Research Associate for our advocacy campaigns regarding prioritizing social equity, public health and environmental benefits in equitable transportation policies and investments in Los Angeles County.  Now is a critical time to deepen and expand conversations around mobility and land use as the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission, Metro, begins to update its Long Range Transportation Plan and concurrently consider a potential November 2016 ballot measure.

Investing in Place’s Communications and Research Associate will be a champion for walkable communities with excellent transportation choices that connect people of all incomes and abilities to opportunity. The Associate is also an advocate of increased effective, authentic engagement among diverse stakeholders in Los Angeles County with transportation policymakers.

Los Angeles County has tremendous disparities in wealth, health outcomes, and access to education, jobs, and services. Transportation’s role in perpetuating these disparities is increasingly understood, as are the opportunities to mitigate historical disinvestment with intentional policy to prioritize the needs of low-income communities of color. The goal of our work is to increase funding and improve policies that result in more safe, accessible and equitable transportation choices, especially in lower-income communities of color in Los Angeles County.

Roles and Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for interacting with a range of partners and entities including, but not limited to, Los Angeles County Metro, councils of governments, local cities, elected officials and staff, and community-based organizations across the region. The Communications and Research Associate is responsible for conducting policy research and writing for publications that reframe the debate on transportation policies and investments in Los Angeles County. The Communications and Research Associate will conduct various types of research such as policy scans and literature reviews, legislative monitoring, and interviews. The Associate will also work closely with Investing in Place subcontracted researchers and advisors. The Associate will share findings through updates on our organization website, presentations at Investing in Place convenings, government hearings, council and commission meetings, email updates and other venues.

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