Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Investing in Place Strategic Plan 2015 -2018

In January 2015, we created a new non-profit to work to develop a constituency for equitable planning and build strategic relationships with agencies and efforts that invest in the built environment.  Almost a year and a half later, with an engaged advisory board, two full time staff, and several contracts with partners across Los Angeles County, we are pleased to share our 2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan.

The Los Angeles area has the state’s worst income inequality, and the significant gap between the region’s wealthy and low-income communities manifests itself spatially. In Los Angeles County, where one lives greatly affect their educational attainment, job access, health outcomes, public safety, environmental quality, and how they get around. Simply put, place matters.

Investing in Place primary strategy is to leverage transportation finance advocacy as a mechanism to achieve envisioned policy outcomes. Existing partners include successful advocates for neighborhood and city improvements, local community and elected leaders, and business and labor organizations, all of whom share a comprehensive collective vision of communities that are safe, healthy, equitable and sustainable, and a conviction that evidence-based policy strategies are the most effective means to impact the built environment to realize this vision. By creating a collaborative space for partners to engage in these issues at the county level, the Investing in Place is able to promote policy best practices and develop an advocacy agenda that resonates with diverse stakeholders from across the county.

Over the past year, the Investing in Place Advisory Board, Staff and key partners have worked together to produce our first Strategic Plan to guide our work. Take a look at what we have created. We welcome your feedback and advice — especially as we plan to revise and revisit this as we grow as a organization and effort.

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One of our big goals this year is to shift decision-making, especially with the Metro transportation ballot measure and the Long Range Transportation Plan. Yesterday, we released our polling results and will be showcasing the key findings at our Summer Appreciation Party with Impact Hub LA on Wednesday, June 15. Hope you can join us!


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