Thursday, January 19, 2017

Next steps: Metro seeking nominations for new Policy Advisory Council

We are inspired by the steps Metro is implementing to broaden the voices and leaders at the table for the implementation of Measure M and the development of the 2017 Long Range Transportation Plan.

One of the big themes of the “Just Growth” movement is inclusiveness and community-based participation in advocating for better and more equitable policies. We spoke about this in depth at our Just Growth forum held last November 2016.

On that note, we encourage all our partners who are interested in serving on this Advisory Policy Council to attend Metro’s upcoming meeting on February 2nd from 1-3pm in Metro’s Board room (Union Station – 1 Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor). This is a public meeting, all are welcome to attend.

The newly created Policy Advisory Council will have members drawn from three key categories: Consumers, Providers, and Jurisdictions. screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-12-31-12-pm

All members are being ask to serve as a representative voice for the appointed category, have access to resources to reach out to a variety of stakeholders, have resources to staff the meeting, and ensure regular attendance of policy meetings. Metro sent interested stakeholders letters on the formation of the Policy Advisory Council yesterday (see the packet Investing in Place received here) that included background, descriptions, as well as a nomination form.

If you did not get a letter and are interested in applying to serve on the Council – this is an important question to ask at the upcoming meeting on February 2nd from 1-3pm in the Metro Board Room.

We hope you’ll join us and help broaden the voices and perspectives in our transportation policies and investments to reflect the entire region and all of those who call it home.

For details on latest Measure M updates — see our previous blog post: Measure M Guidelines Update and initial recommendations.

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