Friday, February 3, 2017

Recap of Yesterday’s Measure M Advisory Council Information Meeting

Yesterday, Metro led an informational meeting on Measure M’s Advisory Council, a group responsible for reviewing the draft Measure M guidelines and providing policy recommendations and input directly to the Metro Board of Directors. The discussion was led by Therese McMillan, Chief Planning Officer at Metro, and Vivian Rescalvo, Director of Countywide Planning at Metro.

We were joined by many interested groups including: AARP California, First 5 LA, LA THRIVES, Move LA, Climate Resolve, SCOPE, Enterprise Community Partners, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, SAJE, LA County Bicycle Coalition, American Heart Association of Greater LA, and the Antelope Valley Business Chamber. A group similar to the one we convened back in November 2016 for our first #JustGrowth forum.


The details…

For those interested in joining the council, here’s some details:

  • The group will include 27 stakeholders including consumers, providers, and jurisdictions. See below.


  • Responsibilities: “high-level policy input”; advise the Measure M Guidelines; advise Metro Board on the next Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Members will be asked to “broadly disseminate information to, and solicit input from, their represented constituencies,” if they represent a coalition of interests. For example, a member from the “Students” group would have to communicate with the broad constituency of students who would be impacted or benefit from Measure M.
  • Key point here: The council will not vote on policies or positions nor will they advocate for a single-issue agenda.
  • Timeline moving forward: Nominations will be due February 14, 2017 by submitting a nomination form (see page 11). The Advisory Council will be finalized by Metro in March.

Now, Metro, is laying the foundation for a forthright implementation of Measure M through the Measure M Policy Advisory Council.

The big question from us is: with so much interest from various community organizations for limited seats, how can we ensure that diverse community members (especially parents and residents who are not traditionally engaged in transportation decision-making) are integral in providing feedback and input through the entire Measure M and LRTP process?

We’ll be watching and keeping you all updated. To access the materials from this meeting, click here.

Heads up! To sign up for our #JustGrowth work group meeting on February 16, you can sign up here. Seating is limited, please RSVP today.

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