Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update: Join our Completing Streets strategy conference call on March 27

Calling all City of Los Angeles advocates for:

  • Safe #LAsidewalks and crosswalks
  • Complete streets
  • More bus shelters
  • Healthy trees for shade
  • And more!

Please join us for a City of Los Angeles Completing Streets work group conference call on Thursday March 30th Monday March 27th at 4:00PMClick here to RSVP

Two key opportunities we’d like your feedback and discussion on:

  1. Measure M Local Return in the City of Los Angeles will be decided this Spring: On this call, we’ll talk about how a whopping $50 million per year will (and should) be invested. Update: And encourage you to join us at City of Los Angeles Transportation Committee at 1pm on Wednesday when this item will be discussed.
  2. We’re having an advocacy training summit this Spring on Saturday, April 29 about improving the City’s sidewalks, crosswalks, urban forestry, and more — we want you to join us in this effort and get your advice!

We’re at a critical point in ensuring this funding goes to the neighborhoods where we need it most. Join our call to better learn how you can get involved and to provide advice.

Click here to RSVP
FYI, agenda for the call:

  1. City of Los Angeles local return
    • Organizing for 3/29 1pm T-Com meeting
    • Strategy and talking points
    • Process/timeline
  2. Tripping Point summit
    • Date
    • Breakout groups and content
    • Outcomes and Outreach

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