Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How do we know how far we’ve come, if we don’t measure where we’re starting?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the voter-approved passage of Measure M, we reflect on the opportunity ahead for unprecedented transportation investment in the Los Angeles region. The brand new $10B Multi-year Subregional Program (MSP) funding investment (nearly a quarter of total Measure M revenue) presents the region with a robust opportunity to demonstrate to LA County voters that their public investment matters and will be used to improve our collective quality-of-life.  

This Tuesday the Metro Policy Advisory Council (PAC) will consider the role of performance measures in this new discretionary grant program.  Metro staff made 3 recommendations for the committee to consider:

  1. Countywide Quantitative Measures
  2. Defined Subregional Qualitative Measures
  3. Voluntary Subregional Established Performance Measures

See our letter with PAC partners on why we are supporting a systematic but flexible regional performance measures framework that aligns with the Measure M ordinance core goals of accountability and transparency and demonstrate good planning practices. This is best reflected in a Hybrid Option 1/2 as suggested in the Metro memo linked above.  

Read our complete letter here

Interested in signing on to this letter? Email naomi@investinginplace.org to sign on!

And See our presentation at yesterday’s #JustGrowth workgroup meeting for our presentation on this discussion. 


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