Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A tale of two letters: Comparing recommendations of Metro PAC and Equity Partners

In February 2019, two letters of recommendations were sent to the Metro Board regarding Reimagining Los Angeles County, the agency’s newest proposed approach to finance projects and reduce congestion.

One letter was written by the three chairpersons of the Metro Policy Advisory Council (PAC) and included five recommendations, which were adopted by the Metro Board.

The other was written by equity advocates engaged at the PAC (AARP, ACT-LA, Advancement Project,  Climate Resolve, Investing in Place, LACBC, LA Thrives, Pacoima Beautiful) and signed by nearly 30 organizations who support equity implementation at Metro. This letter included three recommendations, including a focus on equity that was not in the PAC letter. We look forward to working with partners to ensure that these recommendations are also adopted by Metro.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the recommendations from the two letters:


Priorities and Public Money: A Primer on the City of LA Budget

by Investing in Place

How We Rise: Equity at Metro One Year Later

by Investing in Place