Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Submitting Your Public Comment to the Metro Board During COVID-19

During COVID-19 all Metro Committee and Board meetings are being held virtually. Members of the public can listen to the meeting through their phone or Metro’s web page. There is no video of the meetings for the general public – audio only. For more information – go to: https://boardagendas.metro.net/events/


There are two ways to submit your comments to the Metro Board:


  1. Online once the meeting has started. If you would like to have your comments read out loud to the Committee members, you need to submit your comment online by following the links here once the meeting has started. Comments must be shorter than 700 characters.


  1. Send an email to Metro Board Secretary Michele Jackson (JacksonM@metro.net) We suggest doing this at least 24 hours before a Metro Board/Committee Meeting. Your comment will be forwarded onto the Metro CEO, Board of Directors, and their key staff.


Every Metro Board Member is supported by at least one key staff person. To share your perspective with a specific Board Director, contact their office or their key staff directly using the provided phone numbers and email addresses here.

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