Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Growing our Moms and Mobility Campaign

We believe our families can’t get ahead in life if they can’t get around. We support transportation investments that strengthen communities.


We have several important announcements regarding Moms & Mobility. First, Investing in Place is excited to share the report we did in partnership with South Central LAMP titled Moms on Scooters, buses, rideshare and more – South Central LAMP weighs in on Rideshare & Mobility. (Spanish version). The report highlights the transportation needs and disparities of moms living in South Los Angeles. 

Moms and Mobility is an initiative that Investing in Place started several years ago that seeks to bring the perspective of women and mothers to the forefront of transportation decision-making when we made our video with South Central LAMP mom Maura. We screened our video with South Central LAMP and senior leadership at Metroparticipated in panel discussions, held convenings and continued to seek partnerships to work together to support community led decisions with research and policy ideas. 

Historically, transportation design and decision-making has been dominated by privileged male perspectives. In turn, the voices of women and more specifically mothers have been largely unheard. Our Moms and Mobility campaign seeks to change that. Moms & Mobility seeks to lift up the transportation needs and opinions of mothers to create policy change.

This year we will be expanding the Moms & Mobility initiative with funding from the Prevention Institute and First 5LA and our partners: East Side Riders Bike Club, Los Angeles Walks and continued Moms and Mobility campaign partnership with South Central LAMP.

  •  East Side Riders Bike Club (ESRBC) is the leading voice of bicycle advocacy in South Los Angeles. ESRBC is an all-volunteer, grassroots bicycle club founded in 2008. ESRBC’s mission began as an effort to prevent youth from joining gangs and/or taking drugs, but also to engage youth who have a desire to enrich their community through recreational activities, specifically  bicycle riding. ESRBC have been able provide community wide education on bike safety, healthy eating, active living, the importance of giving back to the community, as well as hosting community bike rides.
  •  Los Angeles Walks (LA Walks) is at the forefront of advocacy to make a more walkable  Los Angeles. LA Walks is working to make walking safe, accessible, and fun for all. LA Walks is dedicated to promoting walking and pedestrian infrastructure in Los Angeles, educating Angelenos and local policymakers about the rights and needs of pedestrians of all abilities, and fostering the development of safe and vibrant streets for all.
  • South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP) was founded in response to the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles by a collaboration of eight congregations of Catholic sisters. The sisters canvassed the devastated neighborhood and asked how they could provide better support for the community as it struggled to rebuild . Founded with the purpose to empower mothers and provide academic support for their children  SC LAMP provides early childhood education and variety classes for parents. SC LAMP is deeply connected to mothers and young families in South Los Angeles.

With the help of our partners, our Moms and Mobility campaign seeks to bring policy improvements in the City of LA for moms in all aspects of transportation. From the moms that walk their children to school, to young families being able to bike safely in their community, we want to ensure that moms have access to safe, reliable transportation for the multiple trips that often fall upon their shoulders. We are excited to kickoff the Moms & Mobility campaign. To find out more, please email jessica@investinginplace.org.

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