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Want Better Buses for LA? Help us collect on-the-ground information to improve the bus rider experience

City of Los Angeles Metro Bus Survey 


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Investing in Place is launching L.A.’s first Public Works and Transportation Report Card, to look at the functionality of our public space, from sidewalks to bus shelters to public restrooms. The bilingual report will be released by the end of the year.

As part of this report,  we will be researching six key LA Metro bus routes across the City. And we need volunteers to help us conduct this research. Volunteers will be trained to ride certain segments of the selected lines and fill out a simple observational survey. (Surveys will be available in English and Spanish, both online and in paper form). This grassroots data collection on the LA Metro bus ridership experience in Los Angeles will be an integral component of Investing in Place’s report, which will create a comprehensive look at the City’s public works and transportation programs and investments. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Question: How do I take the survey? 

Answer:  The link to the survey is:

If you prefer, we can send you a paper copy of the survey.

You will need to fill out a separate survey for each LA Metro bus route.

This survey is best completed when each section is completed at a specific time. For instance: 

Part 1: Demographics – please fill out this section before you leave to the bus stop

Part 2: Location and Conditions – please fill this section out before you arrive at the bus stop 

Part 3: Waiting for the Bus – please fill out this section at the bus stop

Part 4: On the Bus – please fill out this section while on the bus

Part 5: Getting off the Bus – please fill out this section once you get off the bus 

Part 6: Overall Reflections – please fill out this section after you get off the bus


Question: Which Bus Routes are you surveying? Can I do a route that is not on this list? 

Answer: No, we are not collecting data outside our 6 key lines (18, 51, 108, 152, 200, and 207). For now, we are focused on getting 100 observational surveys done on the 6 key routes we have identified. We may expand to other routes once we hit that goal. 


Question: Are the LA Metro buses free? 

Answer: Yes. You can enter all buses, both front-door and rear-doors without paying or using your TAP card. LA Metro does plan on resuming fare collection for buses on January 10th, 2022.


Question: Will volunteers be paid?

Answer: We are unable to offer direct compensation to volunteers, but if you work or volunteer with a grassroots/community based organization and have members who would like to volunteer, please email to talk about potential stipends available. We welcome collaboration regarding compensation for our grassroots partners.  


Question: Are masks or face-coverings required while on LA Metro buses? 

Answer: Yes. Masks and face coverings are required on LA Metro buses per LA Metro policy and The White House executive order requiring masks on all forms of public transportation.  


Question: Do I have to talk to anyone while on the bus? 

Answer: No. This is purely an observational survey where you record your observations, you do not have to talk to anyone at the bus stop or on the bus. 


Question: Do I have to ride the bus from end-to-end? 

Answer: No. Our aim for the survey is to record rider experience on multiple segments of a line. You only need to ride at least 10 bus stops.


Question: Anything that I should plan for? 

Answer: Make sure to bring with you sunscreen and something to hydrate with. Make sure to plan how you will get to the bus stop for the bus line you will be riding prior to your arrival, as well as how you will get back. And have fun!


Question:  Is there an app you recommend for trip planning and next time bus arrival? 

Answer: Yes, we use TransitApp.


Question: Is there a deadline for when I can take the survey up until?

Answer: Sunday November 28th.


Staff Contacts:


Sample Social Media (Twitter and Instagram text) 

  • Have you ever taken a LA Metro bus in Los Angeles and thought to yourself “I would love to see changes on this bus line?” Help collect data on one or more of the Metro Bus Lines 18, 51, 108, 152, 200, or 207 #BetterBusesforLA
  • LA Metro bus lines 207 (Western), 51 (7th/Avalon), and 18 (6th/Whittier) had the highest ridership in July ’21. Want to collect data to improve the bus rider experience on any of these lines (as well as the 108, 152, and 200 buses)? #BetterBusesforLA
  • Ever waited at a bus stop and wished there was adequate shelter, benches, and better access? Volunteer to collect data on the bus rider experience in LA on any one of the LA Metro 18,  51, 108, 152, 200, or 207 buses. #BetterBusesforLA
  • Live or work near the LA Metro 18, 51, 108, 152, 200, or 207 buses? Collect data on one or more these lines and help tell the story of what’s happening on the buses in LA. #BetterBusesforLA
  • Want to help create #BetterBusesforLA? Help us collect on-the-ground information to improve the bus rider experience on LA Metro Buses: 18, 51, 108, 152, 200, or 207 Take the survey here: 


Download sample Instagram Graphic here:

PDF of the Survey

Volunteer today: Help Collect Data to Contribute to Better Buses for L.A.

by Jessica Meaney

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by Jessica Meaney