Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Sign the Pledge!

Sign on and show your support for these 9 Essential Principles in LA’s Capital Infrastructure Plan


Background: The City of Los Angeles allocates more than $1 billion in public funds each year to enhance its sidewalks and streets, but there’s no clear way for individuals, groups, or businesses to have a voice in how that money is spent. This creates a lack of transparency and a level of uncertainty about the future of LA’s public right-of-way (which includes streets and sidewalks, and everything that makes them safe and usable: ramps, crosswalks, public bathrooms, streetlights, bus shelters, trash cans, etc.).

Los Angeles is the only major U.S. city without a Capital Infrastructure Plan (CIP). Investing in Place is leading the movement to create LA’s first CIP based on the nine principles, as identified from our research of best practices. 

We invite individuals, elected officials, businesses, organizations, and all interested parties to join us in advocating for these essential 9 principles.

We’ve Got LA’s Number: An Inventory of Los Angeles Streets, Sidewalks, and Everything in Between

by Investing in Place