The Los Angeles area has the state’s worst income inequality, and the significant gap between the region’s wealthy and low-income communities manifests itself spatially. In Los Angeles County, where one lives greatly affect their educational attainment, job access, health outcomes, public safety, environmental quality, and how they get around. Simply put, place matters.

At Investing in Place, we work to ensure that public investments in the built environment support middle and low income communities and people of color.  Coordination among partners in the region comes at a critical time as Metro begins its update on its Long Range Transportation Plan and considers a 4th County Sales Tax ballot measure for 2016, that is estimated to produce as much as over $100 Billion in transportation revenue over the next 30 years. And there is no doubt — right now Los Angeles County is in a housing affordability crisis, how transportation investments can benefit existing residents and support development without displacement matters to Investing in Place.

We use a workplan model that supports convenings and collaborating with leaders throughout the region, producing policy recommendations and disseminating information with intent to increase transparency, discussion and inclusiveness among all stakeholders. See the vision of our work for the next few years in our Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement: Investing in Place advocates for safer and livable communities. We work to promote aligning public investments and policy goals to create walkable, bikeable streets and sidewalks with access to high quality transportation options for people of all resources and abilities. Our mission is to support transportation investments that strengthen communities.

We work out of the co-working space, Impact Hub LA , in the arts district neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles. 830 Traction Ave, 3rd Floor.

Investing in Place is a project of Community Partners.