“Three ago after lots of conversations with family, friends, and colleagues — we decided to create Investing in Place. We are a non-profit effort rethinking the way we invest in our neighborhoods, cities, and region with our public dollars. It’s been two and a half years since we formally started, and we’re excited to continue serving as a resource and partner for elected officials, public agency staff, community organizations and advocates, bus-riders, and parents trying to make change in their neighborhood. After all, we can’t get ahead in life, if our neighbors and families can’t get around.”

– Jessica Meaney, Executive Director of Investing in Place


We’re excited about what’s to come and the millions of people in Los Angeles County we’ll be able to help with your support — please consider donating today. Your contributions today will help support our advocacy efforts at Los Angeles Metro and LA City Hall, policy analysis and reports, popular education materials, our blog and storytelling products, and leadership development efforts.fake watches Rolex Replica