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Imagine a Greater Los Angeles

Our Vision

We imagine a Greater Los Angeles where we bridge the gap between policy thinkers and on-the-ground community leaders; where we reduce social inequities through public policies and investments; where we improve public health and exceed environmental goals, especially for our most vulnerable neighborhoods. As a region, we recognize that equity is not a special interest, but in everybody’s interest.

The Los Angeles area has the state’s worst income inequality, and the significant gap between the region’s wealthy and low-income communities manifests itself spatially. In Los Angeles County, where one lives greatly affect their educational attainment, job access, health outcomes, public safety, environmental quality, and how they get around. Simply put, place matters.

Note from Founder and Managing Director Jessica Meaney — June 2016:

A year and a half ago after lots of conversations with family, friends, and colleagues — we decided to create Investing in Place. It’s been about 18 months so far — and it’s been awesome, we are excited to grow our work and impact. We are a non-profit effort rethinking the way we invest in our neighborhoods, cities, and region with our public dollars. We imagine a Greater Los Angeles.

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Your support will help strengthen our communities and help us and our partners better advocate for equity across the region. Your help now will support key Investing in Place efforts:

  • Getting #MetroFundWalkBike to the finish line: A 4-year effort with Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and key partners to protect, preserve, and grow investments in walking, biking, safe routes to school, and complete streets across the LA region.
  • Raising Equity in LA Metro: An effort with key partners to establish social equity benchmarks in LA Metro’s transportation investments.
  • Increasing civic engagement through quarterly convenings: Building a multi-sector collaborative with leaders throughout the region, producing policy recommendations, and disseminating information with intent to increase transparency, discussion, and inclusiveness among all stakeholders.
  • Supporting walkable and bikeable Southeast LA communities with key partners.
  • Building a Transportation Equity Advocacy Academy: Collaborating with existing resident leadership programs across the County and other efforts to support more voices and perspectives weighing in on transportation policy and investment decisions.
  • Maximizing local return funding across Los Angeles County to support sidewalks, bicycle lanes, safe routes to school and first/last mile access to transit improvements.
  • Helping us expand our reach across sectors.

Investing in Place is a project of Community Partners.

Testimonials & Quotes from IiP Advisors


“To me, Investing in Place, is an opportunity to convene stakeholders from all walks of life to talk about how we can use public resources in a way that truly builds neighborhoods that work for the residents that live in them. Too often, decisions around transportation projects and infrastructure developments take place without considering the needs of all people, especially residents in low-income communities. This under-representation needs to stop because everyone’s voice matters. Investing in Place’s work is an opportunity for us to lift up different voices in the movement to build a Greater Los Angeles.”

– Rudy Espinoza, LURN

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