September 12, 2018

Los Angeles Autonomous Vehicle Policy Conference

Bringing together local and regional governments and stakeholders to address policy issues around advent of AV technology

AV technology brings the potential to positively affecting transportation systems while simultaneously making great progress providing greater access to opportunity.
It can reduce greenhouse gases, congestion, and cost of travel for all users. Integrating AVs into our transportation network can also foster and grow vibrant public spaces, improve safety, and foster healthier and more livable communities.

These outcomes all depend on carefully implemented public policy. With so much at stake, communities need to prepare for this future. This conference will provide information, discussion, and insight into policy needs and opportunities, including:

  1. An Overview of AV Planning and Policy Issues
  2. Transportation as a Service and Transit Services
  3. Local Issues
  4. Land-Use Planning Curb Management Parking Codes Fiscal Issues

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When :

September 12, 2018

8:00AM – 4:30PM


The Center at Cathedral Plaza

555 W Temple St Los Angeles, CA