September 18, 2017

Los Angeles County Council of Governments/Subregion Forum

2:30pm – 4:15pm @ The California Endowment (1000 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012)

The key part of the forum’s agenda will be on Measure M’s Multiyear Subregional Program.

The Multiyear Subregional Program is a key source of funding that is brand new with Measure M. This new program has $10 billion associated with it, and it’s intended to be an initiative responsive to our vast region, where subregional planning and implementation processes are critical in order to create robust, effective, safe, and context-sensitive transportation options that seamlessly cross jurisdictional lines. 

The Metro Policy Advisory Council will advise on how this program is developed – deciding on benchmarks for public participation and parameters for how the 5 year workplan for each COG/subregion is developed – your input is extremely valuable in ensuring that Measure M investments strengthen our communities.

Our last COG Forum had over 100 participants — many who were Council of Governments and Subregion executives, elected officials and staff, Metro agency executives, philanthropists, and non-profit organizations.

Mark your calendars! You can RSVP here: 

Multiyear Subregional Programs_Funding