June 16, 2015

Social Equity and Public Health in Los Angeles County Transportation

Investing in Place is excited to work with partners across Los Angeles County to develop a policy definition and research best practices for prioritizing investments based on social equity and public health criteria.

As we start this effort four different models underway in California inspire us:

  • State of California: SB 535 – Cap and Trade
  • State of California: Active Transportation Program (ATP)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC): Communities of concern
  • City of Los Angeles: Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan

These state, regional and city examples of prioritized investment areas for transportation funds provide relevant best practices and lessons learned for Metro to consider.

With this in mind, on June 16, 2015, Investing in Place brought together over 90 partners from across Los Angeles County to discuss developing a policy definition for disadvantaged communities/areas of opportunity in Los Angeles County for consideration in the LRTP update and potential 2016 ballot measure. The diversity of attendance from public agencies and community-based organizations was inspiring to all.

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