April 26, 2016

Southeast Los Angeles County Strategy Webinar to inform the Metro Expenditure Plan


That’s how much the Gateway Cities Council of Government (COG) allocated for active transportation in Metro’s proposed transportation ballot measure. Compare this to the hundreds of millions of dollars the neighboring COGs like Central City, Arroyo Verdugo, and San Gabriel dedicated to active transportation.

For one of the most low-income and most environmentally impacted neighborhoods in the state, that means Gateway Cities COG — a subregion with 28 cities — allocated zero for improving sidewalks, safer access to transit, more complete communities, and safe routes to school for our youth.

With over $122 billion in potential revenue for a 2016 transportation ballot measure, allocating not even one dime for active transportation in Southeast Los Angeles County — despite overwhelming support by community and elected leaders — is not just a missed opportunity, but a tragedy for the next generation of youth trying to get to school safely and for our older adults and individuals with disabilities navigating our complex transit system.

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