October 21, 2017

Tripping Point: The Valley Edition

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Join us for a day of keynotes, interactive trainings, workshops, and networking with colleagues, friends, advocacy leaders, public agency staff, and elected officials’ staff. With an incredible lineup of workshops and trainings, you’ll leave with the skills, tools, strategies, and insights that will take your advocacy to another level.

For too long, we’ve faced crumbling sidewalksdangerous crosswalks for older adults, youth, and individuals with disabilities; missing bus shelters; and withering tree canopies lining our streets. These issues are magnified in low-income communities and communities of color throughout Los Angeles.

This year, LA has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to align significant streams of funding, like Measure M local return and Willits settlement funds, to solve these problems in neighborhoods and communities of need. Now is the time to learn how to effect change, who to ask for what, and when to make your voice heard.

It’s the Tripping Point: The Valley Edition!

FREE with registration.

Register here: https://valleytrippingpoint.splashthat.com/


Para reservar su espacio o pedir acomodaciones razonables, llame al (747) 225-1531.

La conferencia es GRATIS y está diseñada para enseñar a los residentes de Los Ángeles cómo pueden abogar para tener acceso a lugares verdes y tener calles, paradas de autobús y esquinas para cruzar su ciudad que sean seguras.

“Tripping Point me connectó con las personas apropiadas en conseguir cobertura para una parada de autobús en mi vecindad – este evento es mandatorio para aquellos que quieren mejorar su comunidad.”- Andres Cuervo, Vice Presidente, Concilio Vecinal de Palms

Tendremos servicios de traducción, cuidado de niños, y comida.

Reserva su espacio al: https://valleytrippingpoint.splashthat.com/  o llame al (747) 225-1531.