Aziz Fellague Ariouat

Aziz Fellague Ariouat is a specialist in transportation policy. Having never owned a car in his 16 years of living in Los Angeles County, Aziz quickly became accustomed to taking public transit and biking. It was on the streets and in the public spaces of Los Angeles County where Aziz witnessed environmental and economic injustices, however he also realized that Los Angeles County has great potential for sustainable and equitable transportation networks to flourish.

Aziz has previous experience working at Long Beach Transit, as well as advising on transportation policy for several political campaigns. As a frequent transit rider, he is familiar with the challenges that the region faces – however he is not afraid of dreaming big and fighting for transformational changes that will directly benefit marginalized communities.

Aziz has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from California State University, Long Beach and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.