To me, Investing in Place is an opportunity to convene stakeholders from all walks of life to talk about how we can use public resources in a way that truly builds neighborhoods that work for the residents that live in them. Too often, decisions around transportation projects and infrastructure developments take place without considering the needs of all people, especially residents in low-income communities. This under-representation needs to stop because everyone’s voice matters. Investing in Place’s work is an opportunity for us to lift up different voices in the movement to build a Greater Los Angeles.

— Rudy Espinoza, LURN

Community health, economic development, policy research and grassroots advocacy are all part of Investing in Place’s shared mission to improve transportation for every person in Los Angeles. With new countywide appreciation for a multi-modal transportation system and unprecedented rail expansion this is an exciting time for Los Angeles. Investing in Place is in a unique position to ensure these investments create a world-class sustainable system for the future of our region. And it doesn’t hurt that we walk, bike and take transit, too!

— Naomi Iwasaki, Investing in Place Advisory Board Member

For years, different organizations and public policy agencies have been working on creating a “sustainable and equitable transportation system” though not focusing on the root injustice. It has taken ADA lawsuits to finally create improvements in our local sidewalks and streets. Investing in Place is focused on social policy, investment, human interest and community involvement. Investing in Place is the Place to be.

— Junue Millan, Eligibility Worker, LA County Department of Public and Social Services

With access to federal and state transportation funding becoming more limited–and more competitive than ever–regions like Los Angeles increasingly depend on homegrown local funding to make the investments needed to invest in healthy, sustainable, and economically vibrant communities. It’s important that we use our limited resources in deliberate and innovative ways to ensure that our transportation system promotes greater equity, health, and long-term sustainable economic development. Investing in Place is ready to lead this charge so that all Angeleno’s have healthy, clean, efficient, and affordable transportation choices.

— Ryan Wiggins, TransForm

The Los Angeles region has made a remarkable commitment to reshaping our transportation future. As we work to expand and reimagine our regional transportation network, it’s important that we consider issues of equity, health, and sustainability. Investing in Place is poised to facilitate important conversations that help ensure that our public dollars are being used in a manner that expands mobility options, advances innovation, and creates opportunities for all communities. By using a model that’s informed by research and by soliciting input from a wide array of stakeholders, Investing in Place is helping our region build a more inclusive multi-modal future.

— Richard France, Estolano LeSar Perez Advisors

Ensuring our tax dollars are invested wisely means that we, the public need to be better educated about transportation decision making and finance in our county. We also need to ensure that our investments are matching our local and state environmental goals. Investing in Place is exactly the organization we need right now to help us engage in discussions about our county’s transportation investments now and for future, especially if we are asked to consider another transportation sales tax. I want to ensure our tax dollars are being spent to create a healthier, more equitable and sustainable Los Angeles County.

— Alexis Lantz, Los Angeles Walks/California Bicycle Coalition

The San Gabriel Valley is comprised of approximately 2 million people, with Hispanics making up almost half of that population. How do we ensure that we are mobilizing, informing, and engaging the people most affected by the possible transportation initiatives or lack thereof in the SGV? We all know that low-income people, communities of color, and other marginalized populations face significant inequities, whether they are social, economic, environmental, or political. The non-participation of vulnerable populations – often due to a lack of opportunity in political decision-making processes –perpetuates those differences in equity. Investing in Place ensures that policymakers and other public leaders make informed decisions that reflect and address community health needs throughout disadvantaged communities.

— David Diaz, Day One/BikeSGV

There is currently no coordinated voice for affordable, healthy and equitable transportation investments at the county level. Finance matters, but community organizations that work on public policy finance are few and far between. At Investing in Place, we work to ensure that public investments in the built environment support active transportation, public health, and social equity.

— Jessica Meaney, Managing Director, Investing in Place