Vibrant, cohesive neighborhoods are possible when community members know what is being planned for their neighborhood and how they can have an impact.


That’s why:

Los Angeles needs a long-term plan that encompasses the entire public right-of-way, 

based on an articulated vision for the future of our city. 

That’s what a true Capital Infrastructure Plan (CIP) is.


Our mission for 2023 is to create one.

To create a better LA, we need a plan for our sidewalks, streets, lights, buses, trees, and anything else related to living fully and moving freely throughout LA’s public realm. This plan should be informed by the people who live here, particularly those who have experienced historic disinvestment. 

It starts with an inventory of Los Angeles’ public assets as a starting point (we’re working on this now!). 

Also important: having people who understand the need and are active in the process. To that end, we are creating resources to help you learn about CIPs and get involved. We will continually update this page with resources as we produce them.

We offer several ways to learn:

  • Live online workshops (check our Events page)
  • Videos on demand (of those live online workshops)
  • Slides from the workshops
  • Detailed blog posts
  • Visual storybooks

We also welcome you to contact us directly if you have questions about how LA manages its public right-of-way: 

Keep scrolling to get started!