We help build shared understanding of Metro and Los Angeles City processes, and provide budgetary strategy. We are working to build a Los Angeles transportation advocacy platform that prioritizes funding based on need, safety and access in a time of scarcity.

We are big believers in action research, community building across sectors, leadership development across generations, and community-driven policy advocacy.

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Our 2019 work plan includes:

  • Coalition work to advocate for implementation of dedicated bus lanes, bus shelters, complete streets networks, and active transportation funding in Measure M
  • New, groundtruthing research on the impact of public investments on vulnerable communities
  • Transportation policy and budget capacity-building through popular education and multimedia formats

Our past work has included:

  • With community-based and academic partners, worked to get Metro to adopt its first-ever Equity Platform Framework
  • Provided technical assistance to community partners to advocate for an increased 1,100% funding in the City of Los Angeles Vision Zero efforts
  • Elevated new voices in transportation advocacy, including highlighting the unique mobility needs of women and mothers